Sunday, 26 June 2011


Anybody looking for Thermal Shield for house etc.?  

What is Thermal Shield?

Thermal Shiel is a fibre-free Reflective Foil Insulation and Radiant Barrier, used to reduce the transfer of radiant energy which comes naturally from the sun’s radiant heat. Radiant heat is the major factor to heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. Using Thermal Shield will reflect the radiant energy that can otherwise go in, mainly through the roof of a house, or building. Then, radiant heat will transfer to the rest of the house throughout the day and even night.

Most other common ‘insulation’ material were thought of to act against this, such as rockwool, fiberglass, cellulose spraying, foam, wall batts, etc, were thought to treat this problem, but it has been found that they only act as a temporary absorption of the radiant heat but will ultimately transfer the heat to the rest of the house/building after it has absorbed it; also called ‘radiant heat transfer’. Thermal Shield acts as a reflector to the radiant energy, and thus, does not transmit the heat into the house/building through the roof or other parts of the house/building where you install Thermal Shield.

The only way to combat heat is to turn on the air conditioning, thus without proper heat reflectors, this will put a severe drain on your utility bills. By addressing only "R" values (by stating the higher the R Value the better the heat insulators) traditional insulation manufacturers has overlooked the main problem that heat will still be transmitted into the house via radiant heat/energy.

Thermal Shield is more beneficial to install as it is also a vapor barrier, thus moisture is not present. Household pests like mice, birds, and insects will not be able to use it as their dwelling, like other common insulators. Rockwool and other fibre-based materials also pose a health risk to the occupants of the house / building, as the small fibers can eventually circulate through air vents, and get to your eyes, skin, and even worse your lungs as you can breathe it in. These carcinogens have been known to cause breathing difficulties, and is even believed to be the cause of a form of cancer.

Thus,  Thermal Shield will provide you with the best radiant / heat barrier to your home or building, without worry of allergenic / asthmatic or skin irritation, durable and strong, water, rodent, insect, bacteria and fungi resistant. We also comply with ISO Quality Standards as well as ASTM and SIRIM standard and our product is classified as fire retardant (Class 0 – Fire and Rescue Department).
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